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Top Education Website Development Company in India 2024 - Know Educational Web Design Cost of the Best Company

Updated on 01 January, 2024

We are the Top Education (Educational) Website Development Company in India 2023 that has been immensely providing full-fledged Web Design/Web Development services for Colleges, Universities, Coaching, and Institutes with complete education management systems at the best and most affordable price - let's create stunning educational websites with CodexEra Technology LLP.

In 2019, we have seen a lot of critical situations due to COVID-19 that have impacted badly everything whether it is personally or professionally. In short, there are huge implications of this pandemic across the world but since the arrival of New Year 2024; we have got vaccines that may crush the pandemic. But, the past year snatched good times from us and given only sorrow – the time has come to find out the best medium to heal such a horrible crisis, for this one and only one thing that comes to mind i.e. website, yes it is the best medium that can transform your business that's why every business owner has been trying to opt for an advanced technology-based tool for instance to have an attractive website/portal to direct deal with potential clients. However, whenever it comes to educational institutions then a school, institute, and university must have a good-looking website or web portal to reveal achievements and important announcements to their students.

Education Website Design and Development Services

Well, as an entrant entrepreneur in the educational business (EdTech ), you would prefer to know the importance of a website even how it will help you to communicate with your students seamlessly. An educational website is more like another website, but the functionalities of the educational website are different which allows managing admission inquiries, backend process, attendance, exam schedule, and other important activities. An educational website can be built commonly based on two concepts static and dynamic. Are you confused about what is static and dynamic education websites? Let us narrate about it – the static education website is a website that is built to showcase the information statically with fixed pages, for example, a static website can contain 1-100 pages even more, in this format, you can't generate more pages simply and you won't be able to control over user behaviors by employing some staff while in dynamic education everything would be in your hand in terms of command, deleting, updating and something else, so the dynamic website allows you monitor all the activities which have been happening on your website/portal. A static school/college/university website is also called an impression-based website whose sole purpose is to display information, and there is no need to have a database for the static web pages, whenever you wish to make a change in the relevant pages you would have to manage it manually unlike dynamic websites.

Top Education Website Design and Development Company

If you're looking to revamp your running educational website or create new website to manage required things online, then CodexEra is pioneer website development company in India that boast deep experience in providing the best services for educational website designing/website development for schools to universities.

Fuel Up Educational Website with Advanced Features

Indeed a professional website has been shaping up the businesses to taste the success or taking them on tracks that (businesses) are or were derailed. We can say that the website has become more significant than ever. But, here is an important point that we shouldn't disregard that is hiring a prominent agency that has a penchant for delivering high-quality education website designing/development. Traditionally, folks intend to launch their website and start thinking that they will make more money from the website, but the fact is without investing time and fueling up the website with core features it is impossible to get the desired results.

We have been identified as a specialized best education website designing / development company in Delhi NCR, India that always promises to provide modern age stunning looking website at a reasonable cost – let's checkout best features to be implemented for the educational website.

  1. Course Search Engine/Functionality
  2. Attractive Custom Icons
  3. Great Typography
  4. 100% Responsive Website Development
  5. Lead Generic Form
  6. Lead Management Systems
  7. Consistent Visual
  8. Cool Color Theory
  9. Browser Compatibility
  10. Great Dashboard
  11. Neck to Neck Support
  12. Options for Dynamic / Statics
  13. Video Incorporation as a Background on the Home Page of the Website
  14. Animation Effect on Scroll
  15. Flat Design Options, and many more…

Hire Us to Get Distinctive Education Website Design / Development Services in India

Our clientele represents us as the leading education website development company in India. We vitalize the website by putting the best design elements on the website. We design and develop education websites for any kind of EdTech startup, coaching, institute, college, and university full of passion and a positive attitude.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I am planning to launch an education website; can I monetize education website instantly?

Ans. Look! Your thought seems too good, if you have already planned to launch an educational website you should go ahead but expecting prompt results does not fit at all because nothing happens overnight. You can earn money but you have to work consistently and keep patient unless you get the expected outcome.

Q. What is the average cost of making school website in India?

Ans. A good-looking School Website Designing and Development cost in India is between INR 50000 – INR 1000000. Since we would like to apprise you that the cost of school website development may vary based upon the scope of the work. But, if your budget is low then still you can hire us for all types of School Management Systems and School Website Development.

Q. Can I avail only education landing page service from CodexEra?

Ans. Of Course, we have been offering a world-class brilliant landing page for educational organizations with LMS/CRM.

Q. Does CodexEra offer SEO for School?

Ans. Yes, CodexEra is providing SEO service, it one of the best SEO company in Delhi NCR.

Q. We're running an education website on WordPress but want to rebuild in another programming language like PHP, can you help us with the same solutions?

Ans. Yes, we can help you build an education website as per your requirements.

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