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We are Delhi based top class bulk SMS provider; we simply help you to start promotional SMS campaign with go-to SMS gateway.

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Best Bulk SMS Provider in Delhi NCR

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Today, Bulk SMS is one of the cheapest mediums to promote the business, and there's no confusion remains on bulk SMS's credibility because it adds more value to the business at a low cost. Since, bulk SMS tool enables you to communicate directly with targeted audiences that give better results. As we know that in the current time economy of the entire world has become standstill - and every businessman is struggling to generate positive leads to uplift their sales, but without spending a huge amount on the marketing strategy it is almost impossible. So being an entrepreneur you should start a bulk SMS campaign to grow your business. We're one of the best SMS service providers in Delhi NCR. We provide all types of SMS services like OTP/transactional SMS, promotional SMS, WhatsApp messages, and many more.

Great Solutions for Bulks SMS in Delhi NCR

Well, every business owner has a certain budget to invest in business promotion and they choose various strategies according to their budget but when it comes to affordable marketing approach, the bulk SMS pops up first in mind - SMS marketing is a perfect approach to sending text information to prospective customers at low cost, the purpose of conducting SMS marketing is to inform the latest offer or important updates which have been giving or will be given from the service provider's end. If you ask why bulk SMS should I opt for marketing then we are here to explain in detail.

As you know that everyone is mad about the phone whether it is keypad mobile or iPhone or Android, so contacting them through mobile messages could be so easier. In the digital world, many business owners flock to bulk SMS strategy for business advertisements. However, our 99% of bulk messages are opened and viewed by the users that increase hope to more sales. Our reporting dashboard is so user-friendly and advanced by which you can track details seamlessly.

We often strive to make your SMS campaign more successful by providing cutting edge bulk SMS platform – call us @ 9990437464 for bulk SMS solutions.

What are the benefits of getting Bulk SMS services from us?

  1. Send promotional / transactional Bulk SMS at low cost.
  2. Gain more profit by sending important information to the targeted audience.
  3. Reach to maximum users as much you can send the massages.
  4. Expand your brand’s awareness in the preferred zones.
  5. Send voice message.
  6. Elevate ROI with bulk SMS.
  7. Be in race among your top competitors.
  8. Get help from experts and let your SMS campaign take flight.
  9. Great support from the technical staff.
  10. Send OTP (one time password) on user’s mobile.
  11. Sophisticated option to upload data (manually, excel, CVS format).
  12. Superb change to generate more leads via SMS.
  13. Enhance website’s traffic.
  14. Advanced reporting systems.
  15.  A clean dashboard.

Industry Coverage

  1. Educational
  2. Enterprise Business
  3. Smalls Business
  4. Startups

What we do for you?

Well, bulk SMS is a really fantastic option and widely used to hoick up the brand's popularity. However, it doesn't matter that you're a startup or tycoon in your work area but if you want to kick start SMS marketing for your business augmentation then surely you're on a good path. Bulk SMS may bring a plethora of business opportunities if the campaign happens under a specialist. We have come for you with great SMS solutions and stick around the clock to provide the best in class SMS service - let's know the few facts that make us the best SMS service provider in Delhi NCR.

Bulk SMS made easy for all size of company

Each customer is more valuable for us whether they are coming as a shopkeeper, college, university, e-commerce – we at CodexEra Technology embrace them and offer unmatched service for the brand promotion. So we have designed a wide range of price plan according to the customer choice and budget. Let's start today bulk SMS to increase sales.

Bulk SMS service at reasonable price

While financial crunch may compel you to ignore result-driven strategy like bulk SMS campaign but we provide you robust bulk SMS service at low cost.

We are mindful of our customers

These days, everyone is stressed to get the reliable service from the top rated service provider. If you're looking for the best SMS service provider in Delhi / NCR then we're highly committed "Bulk SMS Company".

Frequently Asked Questions on Bulk SMS

Q. What is bulk SMS?

Ans. Bulk SMS stands for sending huge text messages on mobile numbers via message delivery gateway/software. It used in private and government sectors with different purposes like promotion, alert, and something else.

Q. How can I start bulk SMS campaign?

Ans. In order to start bulk SMS campaign, you'll have to buy bulk SMS service from the service provider, for instance CodexEra Technology LLP, then you'll able to send bulk massages to your customers.

Q. Is it mandatory to register on DLT?

Ans. Yes, it is, according to TRAI rule every telemarketer will have to be registered for Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) who wants to use bulk SMS for any purpose.

Q. What is difference between transactional and promotional SMS?

Ans. Transactional SMS - It is also known as OTP which is used to send a one-time password to the customer who registers to buy some commodities. Transactional SMS can't be taken as promotional SMS.

Promotional SMS – The bulk messages are sent to prospective customers to let them know about latest offer.

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