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Do you want to build a world-class business website with advanced features to heal the sales challenges and have been seeking an excellent company to avail of best-in-class website development services in Delhi NCR? CodexEra Technology LLP is one of the Top Website Development Companies in Delhi NCR, India where web developers, UI/UX, and quality assurance specialists put their best efforts to ensure high-quality services at a low cost based on the below methodologies.

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Top and Best Website Development Company in Delhi NCR 2023

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Best Business Website Development with Major Features at Low Cost

Updated as on July 23, 2023 - Hi there, as we know that we’re living in the 21st century, a most advanced era (technology-centric) in which most things have been depending on technology/internet/software that helps in our daily lives, but when we talk particularly about website features then everybody wants a better experience while accessing the website on the internet whether using a desktop, tablet, or mobile device. However, in the last couple of years (especially during the pandemic), we have seen a creepy situation that has impacted the overall echo system even though it is education or job/business which taught us to take care of ourselves as well as apprised the importance of the digital world too. If you have been scouting for a new opportunity to uplift sales count then bringing a business online will be a mind-blowing decision. But, in order to start an online business, you need to build a website for your respective business from the top website development company/agency or the agency that is more involved in making a sales-driven website with an appropriate approach only. However, these days making a premium business website can cost high but we at CodexEra Technology pour our minds to provide flawless UI /UX-based website development services to our customers, we’re a trust worthy and the best service provider who build, design, and maintain the customized websites to meet good ROI at an affordable cost.

Now one of the biggest questions pops up in mind that should one be concerned about making a website with only a top website development company to increase customer outreach? Or having a website worth it? The perfect answer is yes, well, undoubtedly the digital platform has shrunk the world with its cutting-edge technologies in terms of availing of anything in an instance –and over time, almost all the things have been leaning on the internet whether it is learning or earning, selling or buying. However, in the current time, every business needs a pro website to take off a particular business to jump the boundary. But, finding a top website development company is hard work. The CodexEra Technology LLP is one stop and the best website designing/development company in Delhi NCR, India that merely employs the best-proven strategy to deliver unmatched quality service at a low price.

Power Up Your Business with A Good Website

After the advent of the Internet, the website has been a spotlight in the business world, be it small or large scaled size companies they all are tending towards doing online business. In the few years, websites have been playing a vital role in up warding online business as compared to any offline business. In short, your business success may hinge on having a great user experienced website.

However, a website is supposed to be an online shop, typically used by the users with the purpose to get the reliable details of the desired products to buy according to their needs. In business terms, a website helps to bring clients closer to the respective business that's why entrepreneurs are sloping towards starting an online business, but in order to kick start an online business; one must have a professional website, which can merely be developed by the best website development company. We're a Top Website Development Company in Delhi NCR, in the realm of website application development, our website developers have intuitive knowledge to develop a product, website, and portal with a unique blend of trending features like a live chatbot, objects motions, parallax scrolling, sticky navigation bar, transition effects, cards (a material design concept) and much more which will lead to elevate business. However, all the website developers at CodexEra Technology abide by the right ethics that is immensely required to develop a fantastic website. Since we take care of all kinds of essential aspects to make a website more successful to get you the perfect outcome for which you invest money.

Don't Let Your Business Down, Bring It Online Now!

Today a well-developed website or portal has dramatically become the first medium in terms of customer acquisition and propelling business growth too, it is possible, even in a small team. One of the best parts of the website is that it's easy to use which can be accessed by using a mobile, laptop, and desktop this is the reason folks love it. Since finding the best website development company to make a disruptive website in a low budget could be so struggling because there is a massive influx of website development companies across India that have a fixed price for website development and rarely they compromise in their charge especially when you ask for the business-oriented website development. In case, you have very limited funds to invest in for making a company's website or don't want to spend huge money in the initial stage on the website development then come to CodexEra Technology LLP that has attractive price plans for website development services for start-ups and large-sized companies which might not available somewhere else. However, when it comes to the budget - we often suggest the customers kick start a project with a specialized website development company that can provide the best solutions at the completive cost so that every business can be driven smoothly.

Say No to High Cost for Website Development, Join Hands with Us and Get "A Decent Website" to Exponential Growth

Well, sometimes financial crunch may create so many obstacles but you don't need to worry because we at CodexEra Technology LLP provide stunning-looking business websites at a low cost which can be helpful to win customers' hearts - we will provide you 100% premium website according to your pocket size. If you're looking for the Best Website Development Company in Delhi NCR you may simply call us at 9990437464 to get a quote for your website development project. We are more proactive and constructive in the area of good quality website development - let's hire us!

Let's Spring Up Your Business Through Advanced Website - And We Help You for This

CodexEra Technology LLP's web development team is highly trained, passionate, and professionally well disciplined to deliver high-end products in a challenging situation whether it is about deadline or accuracy. We are really thrilled to present our company as one of the most valuable and fast-growing Web Development Company in Delhi, India. Although, we do offer web development services across India at a reasonable price in which you can get your complete result oriented website with the search option, lead capturing, comparing the products, e-commerce website, travel website, matrimony website, LMS, CRM and many more. For a while, we want to bring your attention to certain things which you need to keep in mind before making a website. As per the drastic changes in web search / ranking algorithm, the website should be well-structured, user-friendly with right information only such websites may give good business result. However, to get website as per the expectation it might not be so easy but we at CodexEra are 100% transparent in terms of quality assurance, cost even for everything.

What Makes Us Top Website Development Company

As a complete website development service provider in India, CodexEra Technology LLP is the most vibrant, dynamic and affordable website Development Company in Delhi NCR, India typically focused on providing the best quality service by working closely with its client and employing transformative user experiences. Our website engineers are more efficient than the traditional one.

CodexEra Technology Website Development Services

CodexEra Technology LLP is a leading website development company based in Delhi, India, founded and backed by highly experienced software engineers, and UI designers/developers. The team of this company is specialized in website development, UX/UI design, and works tirelessly to give a great user experience to a prospective audience on any device. You can meet us to get the following website development services.

Static Website Development Services

Static website development is good for small businesses, however, a static website is developed with limited features and on the static website, and you can showcase your information, product, images, and videos. If you require a static website development service then you can put an inquiry to us using the inquiry form. We would definitely help you in making a static website.

Dynamic Website Development Services

The demand for the dynamic website has grown amazingly, with the dynamic website a business owner can facilitate their users to filter, buy products, ratings, and compare the goods or services. However, a dynamic is often loved by the customers. We do offer dynamic website development service and bet you no one can give the quality which we offer at an unbelievable price.

Responsive Website Development Services

As per the research, about 60% users use Smartphone globally, it means if your mobile is not responsive then probably you’re losing a huge opportunity. We’re among the top-rated website development companies for responsive website development in Delhi NCR, India.

Website Re-Designing / Development Services

Having an old-looking website is like travelling by punctured tire of your car, so this is the right time to re-design or re-develop the website for business growth.

We Build More Adaptive Website with Essential Features That Are Must-Have for The Modern Website

  • Responsive
  • Good Speed / Performance Optimized
  • Latest Concept
  • Website Development with Lead Management System / CRM
  • Shopping Cart
  • Interactive Design
  • Decent Form
  • Business-driven Algorithm
  • Live Chat Integration
  • Semantic Design
  • Material Design Concept
  • Social Media Integration
  • Content Management System
  • SEO Compatible Website's URL

Hire Our Champions to Build an Effective Business Website

Since the website has streamlined the way of doing a business. Our website developers are well matured in developing modern websites. And, this quality makes us Top Website Development Company. We're Delhi's #1 Website Development Company that empowers all sizes of businesses by helping them to establish business appearances on the globe. We also provide dedicated website developers who hold expertise in Core PHP, Laravel, Angular, React.js, MongoDB, .Net, APIs creation, and integration. Let's avail of the best offer now.

Educational Website Development

Well, having a good looking website of the schools/universities/institutions is so important to leave a good impression on admission seekers "A good website represents the status of University, College, and Institution" or provides complete information to the aspiring students or working staffs. So top-notch institutions often tend to revamp their website with the collaboration of a decent digital agency. In the cutting throat world, we have been offering advanced level educational websites at a minimum price. However, we mull a lot before developing the website to assure to arrange your information professionally, and apart from it we also emphasize mobile compatibility and much more…

Travel Website Development

Are you eying to make money in the travel domain? If yes then you're absolutely right because the travel/tour travel industry is the hottest business marketplace in the world but doing business from the website makes a sane decision. We're a specialized digital and Web Development Company headquarter in Delhi. We provide you a travel website with rigorous research that suits our business.

Services Included

  • Search Option
  • Compare Option
  • Enquiry Form
  • Online Shopping
  • Hotel Booking
  • LMS
  • Mobile Compatible
  • Fast Loading
  • Ajax
  • Coolest Graphics
  • Sliders
  • Reviews / Rating for Hotels
  • Dynamic Testimonials

Get Quote Here for Hotel Website Development

WordPress Ecommerce Website Development

Are you a startup and don’t have enough funds to start an online website portal to sell products? If this question belongs to you, then we have the best solutions for you. We create an eCommerce website based on WordPress which is a powerful and worthy website. With this website, you can sell your online products seamlessly and receive a payment in your account instantly.

WordPress eCommerce Website Features:

  1. Custom Home page.
  2. Responsive Website.
  3. Coupon/Discount Systems.
  4. Add to cart.
  5. Online payment or Payment on delivery.
  6. Slider Banner on home page.
  7. Payment Gateway integration.

To get instant price call us at @ 9990437464.

News/ Magazine Website Development

The way of journalism has been changed in the last few years; attaining latest news from around the world is now depending upon our finger and this miracle is happening because of news/magazine websites which provide relevant information instantly. However, the magazine and news agencies have been leveraging the internet and chronically moving forward to make space in the digital platform to captivate the readers online. There are many examples of the successful news website, and you can find them. Big magazine/news agencies are running their portals. In case you want to create magazine/news/blog/ website to blossom business online then we'll provide appropriate solutions for the same.

Ecommerce Website / Portal Development - Custom With the Latest Technology

In the current era, everything needs instantly Bruce, mobile, pulse, gadgets or motorbike. There are many giants doing business by selling products online. However, e-Commerce, well interpreted as e-Business. The industry has been covering almost all sectors like shoes, wooden goods, leather, and electronic gadgets and others. We all provide all types of Ecommerce Websites at low cost with much more reliable features like products compare, filtering, wishlist, book the product online payment, reviews the products, ratings. Here's we also keep sharp eyes to kick the fraudulent enquires. We're are looking forward to meeting with coffee sips for good deals /costs. Let's get quote for Let's get quote for eCommerce Website Development.

API Creation/Integration Services for the Website/App Development

API stands for Application Programming Interfaces and API integration is the process of distributing or exchanging information to countless applications. However, there are certain things that need to be taken care of while creating or integrating APIs. API integration is mostly done for enterprise-level web/mobile application development. If you’re looking for a website API integration or development company you should hire us for the quality and secured services.

CRM Development

CRM stands for customer relationship management which is required each business to track status of the ongoing tasks or feedback of the clients like what they exactly expect from you or what they keep opinion for your services. However, we develop CRM to power up sales, after having such software you can identify the drawback so that you can act accordingly and will bring more sophisticated solutions to your customers.

Who needs CRM?

If you're running an online portal and selling products or giving online services then you should have CRM software to retain your customer.

Costing for CRM

If you hire us to develop CRM Software, we would give you an unbeatable price for it. You may contact us or schedule a meeting for further discussion regarding the best deals.

Create Beautiful Website from Top Website Development Company in Your Budget

Since CodexEra Technology LLP is a Delhi based renowned Website Development Company, offers a wide array of website making plans that encompasses low cost and best quality, the price plan is designed to empower all start-ups so that they will be able to generate more revenue leveraging the business website. Let's choose your plan that fits your budget, we'll provide you the best solutions for your website development at an affordable price.

Website Development Silver Plan
Gold Plan
Diamond Plan
Handcrafted Custom Layout Design
Enquiry Form
Sign Up+Sign In+ Forget Password via (OTP/Email ID)
Theme Integration / Customization
Product Listing
Product Detail Page
Blog Page
Share Social Media Tool
Random Listing Algorithm
Trend Post / Product
Sales Chart
Lead Reviews
Offer Coupon
Payment Gateway Integration
Emailer Subscription
FAQ (Dynamic)
Contact Us Page
Sitemap Page
Static URLs
Live Chat
Customer Feedbacks
Note: GST will be included in each plan, extra features will be chargeable.

Our Expertise in the Latest Technologies to Develop High-Performing Website

As we know that today the world seems too small because of the technologies and the internet. Indeed, websites are needed for almost all types of businesses, businessmen are tending to make websites for the brand appearance among the competitors. Since running a business without a website has become the utmost difficulty. If you’re running or planning to kickstart a business and looking for the top website development company then CodexEra Technology will be a good fit for you. It is much reliable website development company functioning since 2020 that holds expertise in the following technologies, have a look.

Technology Stacks

React JS
Angular Js

What is the benefit of hiring a Top Website Development agency?

Online business a much more lucrative than offline but to stand out from the rush is a bit challenging, So, in order to build an impressive website to compete with the competitor in the tough time, you need to hire the best website development company. They know the entire process to craft a business-oriented website.

We as a Website Development partner will help you to:

  • Build a beautiful website/ application.
  • We craft the website with the perfect blend of UI and UX which give a great a user experience to your audience.
  • Connect your audience emotionally with the website.
  • Leave a good impression on the prospective users.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What practices need to be employed in developing the best website in 2023?

Ans. As we have just entered 2023, comparatively there have been a lot more changes in the website development process, so the future of your business may now depend upon your website quality. While developing a custom website we should consider the following technologies which are on top trend in website development.

  1. Responsive / Dynamic
  2. SPA
  3. PWA
  4. UI/UX
  5. Artificial Intelligence

Q. What is difference between website development and website designing?

Ans. Web development is the work that is done to develop website pages that will be functioning dynamically, it starts from a single inquiry form to advanced features like filter, comparison widget, and buy/sell the products online. While website designing is the process of crafting website pages by putting attractive elements like images, buttons, illustrations, and many more. Website designs are executed by using Photoshop, Adobe XD, Illustrator, and other designing software.

Q. How much does it cost to develop a business website in India?

Ans. Before building an enterprise-level website or a small website, being a decision-maker you need to know the cost of website development in India. Well, website development cost depends upon the following aspects.

  1. Domain Name
  2. Server Hosting
  3. SSL Certificate (for website security)
  4. Website Development

In India, the average cost for website development services ranges from INR 10000 to INR 50000 or might be higher than it. However, the exact cost for the website development will be offered after evaluating the requirements (scope of the work).

Q. Can I make free website for my business? Or Who offer free website development services?

Ans. Yes, in today’s era anybody can make a free website, there are many companies/tools that allow one to make a free website and even you can develop your website without paying a chunk of money in less time just after creating an account but you must remember that free is free, it means in the free plan, you can't host custom domain like and after making a free website you won't be able to control your website seamlessly as you can in the premium website. So, it is highly recommended that if you want to make your brand's identity on the internet forever, you should not rely on the free website, simply go for a pro website – the choice is yours.

Q. Does CodexEra Technology provide services for product-based website development (advanced website development)?

Ans. Yes, our website development service is packed with the high-end concept that lies on ongoing trend, we provided ultimate website development services according to business need. So if you want to take your business to a whole new level then CodexEra Technology will be the first option to fulfill your requirements. We design initiative UI and develop it with the latest technology.

Q. How good is CodexEra Technology among top website development companies?

Ans. There are many website development companies out there in Delhi but CodexEra Technology LLP is at the forefront and the best company for website development - the company delivers high-standard website development services and it has been consecutively gaining more popularity due to its work quality and commitments. If you’re planning to make a world-class decent website, you may hire our highly experienced developers to build a clutter-free website/product at a reasonable cost.

Q. How does CodexEra Technology LLP start website development work?

Ans. After finalizing the deal, we expect complete data from the clients, and we then host a meeting called "know-the-concept" for developers and clients to understand the project's goal so that our developers can deliver projects according to the requirements.

Get Huge Discount On Website Development Services - A Quality Services Assured

Get an exclusive offer on professional Website Development services from the leading Website Development Company in India. We have worked for a wide range of industries with 100% quality website development services delivery.

Corporate Website Development

Starts from ₹ 12500/-

We offer dynamic and static website development services for all sizes of organizations. T&C apply.

Dynamic Website Development

Starts from ₹ 21500/-

Build a dynamic & professional website with us and get exclusive offer to start an online journey. T&C apply.

eCommerce Website Development

Starts from ₹ 25000/-

We have been delivering a world-class eCommerce website based on WordPress and custom approaches. T&C apply.

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